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FlipCon 2016 Registration and Call for Proposals

Now that we're into 2016, it feels like FlipCon is just around the corner. And it isn't just me...we've been receiving tweets and emails about conference registration and the call for proposals since way back in October! Thank you for being patient as we work to make this year's conference a brand new experience for the community. (More on that in another post!)
We're excited to announce that this year's conference is a flat rate of $250 per person! No more tiered pricing based on when you register. We want to make sure the conference is accessible to as many people as possible, which is why we're keeping it low to attend. We're still offering a pre-conference workshop schedule (TBA) for an additional $115 per person. That means you can get three days for half the cost of last year's general conference alone.
Registration hasn't actually opened yet, but it will be as soon as we get the form squared away. Use the costs above for planning purposes and we'll announce via Twitter, Facebook, and this blog when we're ready to register attendees.
Beginning February 1, session proposals will be accepted. We're running a tight ship this year and all proposals are due by February 20th. Acceptance and denial notices will be sent out the first week of March. So, it's time to get cracking on those sessions! We've made the application process much simpler this year, but again, that's another post. Watch for more info on CFPs next week here on the blog.
There's a lot of important info, so here's the summary:
Conference Dates July 19: paid preconference workshops 
  July 20-21: General Conference sessions
Location Allen, TX
Costs General registration (July 20-21): $250
  Preconference (July 19 only): $115
Session Proposals Applications open February 1st
Applications close February 20th
Notices sent the first week of March
Thanks for continuing to support the mission of the Flipped Learning Network. We'll see you all in Texas!