Flipped Learning Network
 More than 265 students, teachers, administrators and press celebrated 
by participating in a Flipped Classroom Open House

Thirty-eight sites hosted an open house in twelve countries so that other teachers, students and administrators could experience the flipped learning environment first hand. Attendees join teachers  and students as they engaged in active engaged lessons in a variety of subjects, in elementary, middle,high schools and colleges. 

Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams, the pioneers of flipped learning, believe the best way to understand flipped learning is to physically visit a flipped classroom.  This year there were more than 265 participants, including teachers, visiting students, administrators and press that visited with Flipped Classroom Open House hosts and groups of students.  Visiting teachers and students  were able to experience first hand, what active learning looks like in a student centered environment.

We enjoy sharing what others are saying:

From Magna, Utah:

"Here’s an article from my school district about the Open House I hosted on Friday.  I have to say that I was very surprised by the coverage and support that it’s gotten from the district.  We are making headway!


From Italy:

"The best moment was the spontaneous statement of a student of mine who addressed the guests said he was dyslexic and that he was very comfortable with this methodology. Thanks for your support and count me in Italy for any activity."

From Brazil:

"    I finished giving them some basic guidelines on how to experiment flipped learning in their own classrooms.

     We also agreed on creating a virtual learning community among the participants, and we are going to share our experiences and practices with flipped learning."
Flipped Classroom Open House events were hosted in 12 countries, and 38 different sites.  
  • Countries: Brazil, China, India, Italia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Serbia, Singapore, The Netherlands, UK, USA
  • US States: AL, CT, FL, IL, IN, LA, MA, MI, MN, NC, NY, OH, TX, UT, VA
Over the past three years, educators in 38 states and 14 countries have opened their doors during these open houses so others can visit a flipped classroom and experience flipped learning. We thank the teachers who are opening their classroom doors to share with other who are interested in experiencing a student centered classroom using Flipped Learning methodology.