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Foundations of Flipped Learning™ DA-TOP100-2013

Looking for a 16-20 hour course on flipped learning? This blended course has four self-paced online modules, an all-day onsite training, followed by two remote mentoring sessions. Launched in May, 2013, numerous cohorts of teachers from schools, departments and districts throughout the US have gone through the program.

This is the only PD course developed and written by FLN Cadre members and Pearson. This training jointly produced and offered by the Flipped Learning Network and Pearson. Learn more!

Registration fee includes all training materials including online and onsite trainer/coach.

For a current discussion about the myths and realities of online professional services, click here.
Sample videos from the course:

The Four Pillars of F-L-I-P



Read more about the four guiding principles on the FLN Research page.



Read more about the blended course and purchase it now from Pearson.