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If you are looking for examples of teacher or student-created videos, check out this list of samples to get an idea of how you may wish to curate or create your own.

A Sample of Videos on Flipped Learning

Just a Few Videos about Flipped Learning

A Primer in Flipped Learning Preparing students for the future (2:53)
Flipped Learning Video Tour A montage of flipped classrooms to get you going! (3:47)
Intro to the Flipped Classroom for Parents (4:49, Kirsh)
The Flipped Classroom (2:15, Sams)
Flipped-Mastery Classroom (1:59, Bergmann)
The Flipped Master Classroom in Action aka the Flight of the Bumblebee (1:48, Sams/students)
Taking a Risk with At-Risk Kids (3:26, Green)
Flipped Class Rocks(4:37 Stillwater MN teachers and students)

Subject Specific Videos

"Cress and Little -- Logarithms Intro"  (Steve Kelly and Zach Cresswell)
Shifting the Sine and Cosine Curves Horizontally (8:27, Burkholz)
Angles of Elevation and Depression (6:27, Burkholz)
iPad Demo for 6th gade math (9:48, Boratko)
Surface Area of (a Square Pyramid) Complex Polyhedrons (6:08, Boratko)
Linear Regression using Excel (4:14, Percoski)
Dinemsional Analysis (6:29, Percoski)
Volume of Triangular Prism and Cylinders (5:00, Kimbley)
Using the Ladder, Simpliyfying Fractions (4:31, Kimbley)
Algebra I – Pythagorean Theorem (12:15, Kirch)
Pre-Calculus — Graphing Piecewise functions (7:25, Kirch)
Ditching Anxiety: Flipping for lowering anxiety and increasing AP calculus scores (3:05, Roshan)
Absolute Value Equations and Ineqalitites (19;44, Mrs. and Ms. Roshan–mother & daughter co-teaching team)
Literal Equations and Converting Rates (2:05, Mooney) 
Tour of Flipped Learning Science classes (2:22, montage of various classrooms) 
 How to Flip a Classroom - Inside and Out (19:59, Flipping Physics)
English Language Arts
Cultivating Independent Thinkers Through Flipped Learning (3:23, Gudenrath)
Grade 5 Language Arts – Singular and Plural Possessive (5:35, Highfill)
Reading is Thinking: Nothing to Do (Video and writing assignment) (4:04 & 1:59, Highfill)
Plot Structure at the IMA (7:08, Cockrum)
Creating Interesting Characters in a Story (6:44, Cockrum)
Reading Genres—Types of Biographies (3:39, Cockrum, student made)

Social Studies
Early Greek Civilization (7:55, Driscoll)
Judaism: Core Beliefs and Practices (5:44, Driscoll)

Physical Education
Jr High Pickleball Rules (6:45, Hahnstadt)
Flipped Physical Education Helps Students and Families Get Fit and Have Fun (13:51, Sickler)

Libraries/Media Centers
www.ineedgood.info  (Semple)

Elementary School
Ms. Beard’s Brilliant Brains website (4th grade, various subjects)
www.mrsbirbal.com (6th grade Life Science)

Faculty Meetings 
More lessons can be found on public video sharing sites. Enter your search parameters into your favorite search engine and you will find hundreds if not thousands of videos to help as you curate or create your own.  Good luck!